Command Reference

This section contains a reference for most commands available to players on a stock Grendel installation. It does not claim to be an exhaustive reference, as any command-set is subject to change, and documentation often lags behind development.


There is no guarantee that any of the commands listed here are actually present on a modified installation of Grendel. Administrators are allowed to remove and add to their command-set as they see fit.


apropos {text}

APROPOS text searches through all helpfiles for text and returns list of matching entries.


Example 1. Literal output produced by the DAMAGE command

You miss your punch at a bat.
You tickle a bat with your punch.
You barely punch a bat.
You punch a bat.
You punch a bat hard.
You punch a bat very hard.
You punch a bat extremely hard.
You hit a bat with your punch.
You injure a bat with your skillful punch.
A bat winces in pain with your forceful punch.
A bat cries out in agony with your powerful punch.
You devastate a bat with your agonizing punch!
You mangle a bat with your outstanding punch!
You MUTILATE a bat with your furious punch!
You DECIMATE a bat with your incredible punch!
You ObliteratE a bat with your unsurpassed punch!
You MASSACRE a bat to pieces with your unforgettable punch!
You --- ANNIHILATE --- a bat with your deadly punch!
You <<== LIQUIFY ==>> a bat with your terrifying punch!
You *** SLAUGHTER *** a bat with your masterful punch!
You {<<< EVISCERATE >>>} a bat with your unsurvivable punch!
You %% %% %%  VAPORIZE  %% %% %% a bat with your SUPERB punch!!!
You [[< == ATOMIZE == >]] a bat with your punch!!
You < - < ILLUMINATE > - > a bat with your TERRIBLE punch!!
You ___... DESTROY ...___ a bat with your AGONIZING punch!!!
You -< { { : : : DISINTEGRATE : : : } } >- a bit with your GODLY punch!!!!


raceinfo [race]

RACEINFO (without any parameters gives) a list of races available to players. RACEINFO race will give information on that particular race.


shutdown {[stop] | [halt] | [reboot] | [copyover]} {[now] | [delay]}

SHUTDOWN starts a server shutdown. The parameters halt, reboot and copyover start a full shutdown, reboot and copyover (hot reboot), respectively. The second parameter indicates the time (in seconds) to wait before starting the shutdown. SHUTDOWN stop stops any existing shutdown timer.