Installing, compiling, running

This section outlines the steps required to install, optionally compile, and run the Grendel software.


The archive you have downloaded contains prebuilt binaries for the target operating system. The target operating system can be identified by the extension of the archive; .zip => Windows, .tar.gz => Linux.

You can install the software in any location you deem useful.


If you want to recompile the binaries, you need the following ingredients:

  • Linux

    • Borland Kylix 3

    • GNU make (usually pre-installed on your system)

  • Windows

If these ingredients are present, you can run 'make' in the directory where you've installed Grendel.


Starting Grendel is simple. Windows users can click on the grendel.exe icon, or open a console window and start the grendel.exe file manually.

Linux users can either start the executable grendel from an automated script or manually from a terminal.


Under Linux Grendel forks to the background by default, to override this and let Grendel write to stdout use grendel -f instead.

If all is well, you should be able to connect to Grendel by using a telnet client to connect to localhost, port 4444.

Creating immortals

Grendel comes shipped without any users (characters), so you'll have to create your own.

After connecting to Grendel, you should see a brief introductory message, and a prompt. Here you can create a new user and explore the example world.

Once you've created a new user, navigate to the players directory, and edit the file YourUserName.usr. To 'immortalize' this user, change the number on the line with Level: to a number in the range 990-1000, where 990 is the lowest ranking Immortal, and 1000 the highest.